Source Wholesale Australian Game Meats

Mahogany Creek Distributors sells quality Australian game meats to gourmet

food lovers, restaurateurs, food manufacturers and a range of business clients


As preferred game meat suppliers to major hotel groups, restaurants, schools, pubs and aged care facilities we service the needs of hospitality and catering industries with professional wholesale supply of a wide range of Australian game meats.

While Kangaroo has been a popular restaurant dish for some-time, and now widely found in supermarket freezers, other traditional Australian game meats may have been more difficult to source. Growing interest in the health benefits of Australian bush tucker has seen greater demand for the cuisine.

Australia-Wide Delivery

Game meat suppliers Mahogany Creek, sources and delivers Australian game meats and birds around the country. Our products include:

We also specialise in the supply of wholesale poultry including chicken, duck and turkey and bush tucker from fruits and spices to our own brand of chutneys, gourmet sausages and smoked products called Goanna Gourmet. No matter what the season talk to us about adding a taste of the exotic to your menu. Rely on our industry experience to source the right cuts for your requirements and get inspiration for signature dishes from our online preparation/recipe suggestions.

Easy Ordering

Online is the quickest and easiest way to order from us. We also accept orders via fax and telephone. Australia-wide delivery is available for orders of $100 or more, and can only be made to commercial/business addresses. Delivery details:


Discover Gourmet Aussie Foods

Discover the taste sensations of gourmet Aussie foods such as kangaroo, crocodile and emu. Contact us today for more information or order online , via telephone (08 9249 2866) or fax (08 9249 2867). Please ensure to include your delivery details.